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Why X4Y

We help 

showcase their talent and sell Unbranded Content™ – adaptable, story-focused creative that resonates with brands and their audiences.

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Story, first.

Our marketplace welcomes stories of all kinds: commercials, short films, documentaries, podcasts, and more. Make unbranded content, connect with brands, and get paid.

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Get Discovered.

We put you in front of brands who value your talent and want to buy your stories – or hire you for the next project.

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X Meets Y.

Inspiration thrives off of collaboration. X4Y connects people to create new, untold stories to reach audiences on multiple platforms.


Story-driven, ready-to-brand creative for any business.


by Lev Pakman

Humor sells in this ready-to-brand spot for anything from logistics and delivery services to software.


by Sage Bennett

Like magic, X4Y content gives brands emotional depth that connects with customers in a profound way.


by Josh McGonicle

A surprise twist on DIY retailer ads, this spot is perfect for a professional services brand.

Easier Ways To Save

by Nick Pletcher

A travel spot at first glance, X4Y content excels in adapting its messaging to other use cases and industries.

Thank You, Big Brother

by Erix Mercedes

This spot isn't just about sports — X4Y content is essential storytelling for expressing a brand's ethos.

Even At Your Worst

by Kade Atwood

For a brand devoted to helping people look their best, the most compelling story is often just a minor edit away.

The Future is
Unbranded Content™

The power of story, discovery, & connection. X4Y is creating a marketplace experience as impactful as our content by building relationships where everyone wins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is spec content?
A spec (short for speculative) is content that creators produce themselves to showcase their skills. These can be commercials, scripts, songs, or other forms of content. Too often, a spec is thought of as something to get a creator their next job. But what if a creator had the perfect place to sell it? That’s X4Y.
What is Ready-to-Brand content?
Ready-to-brand content is video that features no logos or brand references of any kind but has themes that would suit multiple brands. Once a brand buys a spec, it can then customize the branding to its particular needs, most often in post-production.
Who can create X4Y content?
Any director, scriptwriter, videographer, or other creator types, from emerging amateur to seasoned veteran, with a good idea and the skills and vision to see it through.
Who wants to buy Ready-to-Brand content?
Businesses of all shapes and sizes recognize the benefits of buying high-quality video to help expand their audiences. We directly harness our creator community's talent and vision to deliver content to companies they couldn't otherwise get on their own.
What types of content formats are best?
Ready-to-brand videos. The ideal lengths for videos are 6, 15, 30, or 60 seconds, or even several minutes depending on the brand’s use case. Also, we know it’s not always possible, but ideally, your spec can be formatted to all standard aspect ratios (1:1, 16:9, 9:16) to work for all types of distribution. We're also accepting commercial scripts that can be easily rewritten for a variety of brands.
Do I have to pay to be an X4Y Creator?
Nope! We’re happy to say that X4Y is currently free to all creators.
Why should I join X4Y?
X4Y gives creators the freedom to make what they want, the power to set their own price, and the chance to be discovered and hired by thousands of brands and other creatives along the way. Get started
I’m in! How do I get started?
We expect to begin inviting creators to our beta this fall in preparation for the full marketplace launch in early 2022.
I have specs to share. Can you give me more information?
Once you’ve signed up for X4Y, you will be prompted right away with a spec-submission link that has more details. If you do have additional questions, you can message us at anytime at hi@x4y.com!

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