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The X4Y marketplace introduces a better way to monetize your audience and skills.

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X4Y empowers creators to create content first and then find brand sponsors after in an effort to give you more creative freedom – and better pay.

X4Y encourages creators to produce unbranded content that allows your video to fit for many brands. The greater the number of brands that can be integrated into your content means the greater the number of brands that can buy your content. In short, you’re increasing the market for your video content, which allows you to sell more, for more.

You also don’t have to wait around for a brand to commission you. Instead, you can run with your favorite ideas and upload the finished, unbranded video onto X4Y to be discovered by companies looking for great social content. No more being micro-managed by clients.

X4Y is more than only social-first content. The marketplace offers commercials, podcasts, short films, and TV & film. It’s designed to be a playground for people to create and sell just about any type of content, and even get cast as the lead in another creator’s project. With writers, directors, actors, and all kinds of creators in the community, connecting and collaborating is a big part of the X4Y experience.

Any narrative, or story-driven, unbranded content has a home on the marketplace. Here are a few tricks to know about producing Unbranded Content and the types of submissions we accept.

X4Y also provides you the chance to expand into new content formats, like commercials, podcasts, or even TV and movies.

For those of you with big social followings, we’ve got you covered.

At X4Y, we know your audience and engagement can be a big part of your offering to brands. So not only are you selling great content, you also have the option to offer distribution by posting it on your socials – and that increases your asking price. Plus, we know many creators often need to consistently post to keep their audience engaged and we don’t want to discourage that. X4Y is built to be flexible; we give you the tools to grow, not box you in.

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