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Turning Spec Into Sold: X4Y Acquires Spec Bank

The popular commercial directing site, SpecBank.com, brings its creator community, huge catalog of ready-to-shoot TV spot scripts and other exclusive resources to the X4Y platform.


We’re thrilled to welcome Spec Bank to X4Y. Together we’ll help creators tell – and sell – better stories for brands around the world.

Founded in 2007 by advertising veteran Dan Sorgen, Spec Bank was created to help commercial filmmakers produce ad agency-quality spec spots that would get them noticed and propel their careers.

“Spec Bank has grown quite a bit since the beginning,” Sorgen said. “As we join X4Y, Spec Bank now offers over 1,000 spec spot scripts from creatives around the country. Hundreds of spots have been shot, with many getting sold to clients, and some even going viral. I’m happy to say that several directors have been signed to production company rosters as well.”

"We're building X4Y to help creators sell their work directly to brands,” added Michael Sugar, founder of X4Y and its parent company, Sugar23, a Hollywood management and production company. “Spec Bank is a perfect addition to our platform because its community includes hundreds of filmmakers with broadcast-quality spec commercials they can shop to thousands of businesses that otherwise wouldn’t think they can afford it. We're also excited to welcome Spec Bank's community of writers to X4Y, where they can team up with directors, podcasters, and other creators to make the content they love."

With Spec Bank merging with X4Y, Sorgen has joined X4Y to head up creator efforts for the new platform.

“The exciting thing about X4Y is that it takes the Spec Bank concept and closes the loop,” Sorgen said. “Filmmakers now have a place to sell their completed spots directly to brands, and brands get pro-quality, fully produced commercials for much less than if they had to fund an original production, which many businesses simply can’t do.”

“As directors look to shoot more content,” Sugar added, “hopefully they’ll see that they can tell great stories that work for a number of brands, and that this increases their chances of selling the spot and turning it into a ‘real’ commercial.”

Now that Spec Bank has become an X4Y company, creators can do much more:

  • Sell completed spots to brands through the X4Y marketplace, giving their work instant credibility and turning a profit.
  • Find collaborators in the X4Y community, from editors and DPs to animators, actors, voiceover talent and more.
  • Benefit from helpful resources, including interviews, tips, and clearance forms.
  • Showcase their talents to a global audience with a creator profile.

The exciting thing about X4Y is that it takes the Spec Bank concept and closes the loop.

A new way to break in.

“For years, if you wanted to become a commercial director, there was only one tried-and-true path,” Sorgen said. “Shoot a handful of spec spots to show off your directing skills, build a reel, sign with a production company, and eventually get hired to make real ads for real clients. It’s a long journey, but it’s the one taken by most working commercial directors and even some feature film directors as well.”

“X4Y offers a potentially quicker route: creators can sell their work directly to brands while preserving their creative vision,” Sorgen continued. “Which means a spec spot can become more than a calling card to reps and production companies: It becomes a ‘real’ spot for a real client that gives the filmmaker instant credibility as a working director. Oh, and some extra cash in their pocket!”

If you’re a creator looking to make and sell X4Y content, check out X4Y’s tips for producing commercials and other projects that can be rebranded for a variety of companies. Referred to as “Unbranded Content,” this type of work can potentially be sold on the X4Y marketplace and quickly take your career up a level or two.

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