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Welcome to X4Y: the future of creator-driven branded content

Introducing the content marketplace and creator community powering a brash new vision for branded content: Unbranded Content.


Founded by Academy Award™-winning producer Michael Sugar, X4Y is built on a vision that there’s immense value in giving creators and brands a place to interact directly.

Born from a love affair between marketing and entertainment, X4Y gives creators and brands a unique platform to come together, tell great stories and produce work that leads to deeper connections with their audiences. It’s a place where passion projects can be transformed into branded content, and creators can sell their work in a way they never could before.

On the other side of the equation, millions of businesses, including 17 million new small businesses in 2022 alone (Nasdaq.com), need professional-quality content but may not have the time or money to source it. Or, they just can’t afford to risk their marketing budget on a production that may not turn out as planned. X4Y changes the equation by offering fully produced, story-driven “Unbranded Content” that can be customized with a logo, tagline, and even product shots.

So whether it’s a beautifully shot commercial, emotional short film, powerful documentary, or eye-catching social video with a huge built-in audience, X4Y content is ready to make a big impact for businesses of all sizes.

We’re a marketplace for creators to showcase their content, collaborate, and connect with brands who seek stories and talent that align with their brand mission and business objectives.

Creators: Don’t let your stories go unsold.

With X4Y, creators can expect exposure to thousands of brands, the tools to monetize their talents, and a ready community of other accomplished creators for project collaboration. It’s like having all the “cheat codes” for branded content in one place.

Powerful stories are rarely created alone, so X4Y builds relationships where everybody wins. We start by eliminating the barriers between brands and creators, between stories and audiences, and between creative disciplines, then help everything flow together seamlessly with frictionless interactions and painless transactions.

That’s why creators will have profiles on X4Y starting in 2022: We want them to be discovered by brands without any intermediaries, and to create an environment for thoughtful collaboration with other creators.

Simply put, X4Y is the new way for creators to maximize connections, increase their revenue, and grow their careers.

X4Y can grow revenue for creators anywhere in the world by helping them sell their unbranded commercials, films, and other content to brands on the X4Y marketplace.

The future of branded content is Unbranded Content™

Today’s successful brands know they have to do more to connect with customers. More video advertising. More social media marketing. More branded content. The problem is that any one of these activities can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive – and one is rarely enough.

With X4Y, businesses move quickly from problem to solution, finding content that resonates with their audiences and aligns with their brand mission. Our content marketplace offers ready-to-brand creative in many mediums, and it’s available right away, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional production.

But that’s not all we solve. For original content, businesses can hire talented creators in the X4Y community to handle every element of production, from writing, development, casting, and production to editing, post-production, and much more. Once it’s done, we offer distribution options that range from running targeted ads on connected TV to sharing social content with creators’ highly engaged audiences.

The bottom line? Businesses that use X4Y to tell their story become something much more powerful: they become a brand.

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