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Sell your current series or find funding for future podcast ideas.

As a podcaster, you know how powerfully the medium can connect you with your audience. Brands have also taken notice, and today, savvy marketers know that podcasts can help them engage with their customers better than many traditional marketing techniques.

X4Y wants to help you find buyers for your podcast, whether it’s a hit show or a great, new series that’s just getting off the ground. Brands want to be associated with stand-out creative, and can often help you find an audience. Got a podcast? You can share a short video of your show, like a clip or a sizzle, so brands can buy or license it. Funding for your creative helps grow your businesses together.

It’s an exciting time to be a podcaster. X4Y wants to make it lucrative for you, too. Sign up today!

Find buyers for an existing podcast and get funding for your next one.

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